Maxwell V8 Interceptor - Car
WARLANDS - The Post Apocalyptic Miniatures Game of Vehicular Combat
Post-Apocalyptic Miniature Mayhem
Stage 1:
Concept approved for production
Stage 2:
Illustration, design, playtesting and drafting.
Stage 3:
Writing, playtesting and sculpting.
Stage 4:
Editing, final playtesting, painting and production
molding for models.
Stage 5:
Production and packaging
Here on the assembly line you'll find some of the items heading your way and out into the
WARLANDS in the near future. (Yep, I said some everyone's entitled to a secret or four!)
So whether you're hankering for a new automobile or two or some new grunts to clear out
those pesky zombies in Sector Four. From our design team in Sin Diego to our industrial
base in the Rad States we're going to keep you locked and loaded with the best tech you
can buy. So keep the pedal to the metal and your finger on the trigger!
WARLANDS Core Rulebook
WARLANDS Deathrace Supplement
WARLANDS Vehicles of the
Wastelands Supplement

Bike and Sidecar
Command Buggy
WARLANDS: Raid Supplement
WARLANDS: Freeway Frenzy

Vehicle Stat Packs
Quad Bike
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