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Enter the WARLANDS
In the future the only way to get gas is with a gun...
Rezolution® is a fast paced, cinematic miniatures combat game set in a universe
teetering on the brink of destruction, with revolutionary simultaneous play
mechanics and story-based missions. The Rezolution quick-start rules, available
in the faction starter sets and for free download on this site, provide all a player
needs to begin his conquests.
Rezolution: A Dark Tomorrow contains the
complete and expanded rules, as well as force lists, assignments and in-depth
background information on the Rezolution universe. An extensive range of highly
detailed 28mm cyberpunk miniatures representing the inhabitants of 2175
enables you to immediately jump into the game. Rezolution is easy to get into
and not something you'll want to quit!
Enter the universe of Rezolution
Set on a post-apocalyptic earth, decades after the last war.
Warlands pits the last human survivors against each other
and the unnatural horrors that breed in the wastelands and
dead cities. From skirmishes to epic battles, the Warlands
sing with the screams of the dying and the roar of machines…
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Individual Starter Sets are
available for all factions. Each
contains everything a player
needs to get up and running,
while new releases expand the
range, increasing game play
possibilities and growing the
Rezolution universe.

Rezolution: Outbreak allows
players to take their games to the
next level with the introduction
of a full campaign system. Now
you can create your own
characters and stories in the
Rezolution universe!
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Enter the WARLANDS