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Aberrant was formed with the goal of creating the very best of science fiction gaming set
in detailed original universes. Our mission is to take our players to new and exciting
worlds by way of fun, easy-to-learn games with infinite possibilities.

As our name suggests, we are not afraid to be different or to deviate from the norm, and
this is reflected in our products. Rezolution is a cyberpunk miniatures game set in a
dystopian future on the brink of interstellar contact. The rich unique setting, high quality
sculpted miniatures and easy-to-learn rules has made it simple to attract new players
and keep established ones. With minimal time in the market, Rezolution has had a deep
impact and has been nominated for four Origins Awards for Best Miniature Line and Best
Miniature Rules, as well as numerous other awards.

If you are looking for the unexpected or the unusual… Welcome, friend and enter the
worlds of Aberrant.
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Louden & one of Los Plantanos of Kaiju Big Battel enjoy a quick game of Rezolution
Louden Noxious and one of the Los Plantos, of Kaiju Big
Battel, enjoy a quick game of Rezolution at the Phoenix
Anime Con